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HAMATON introduces the H36 TPMS Diagnostic Tool


HAMATON introduces the H36 TPMS Diagnostic Tool manufactured by ATEQ - Low cost, robust, and easy to use

Hamaton Limited, the European sales and distribution centre for its parent company, Hamaton Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. in China, launched a range of new products at the Reifen show in Essen. Among Hamaton's innovations are two newly developed TPMS diagnostic tools. These two high performance, low cost, upgradable TPMS diagnostic tools use market leading Ateq functionality and technology. Here we unveil the first tool: the Hamaton H36.

The Hamaton H36 is an affordable starter TPMS diagnostic tool. Its low price makes the tool accessible to small and medium size tyre shops and garages entering into the fast growing TPMS market for the first time. Designed for tough tyre shop and garage environments, it is the ideal TPMS diagnostic starter tool.

Using the Hamaton H36, a technician can quickly test TPMS sensors and diagnose common sensor faults. Having chosen the make model and year of the vehicle, the tool reads and displays sensor data in seconds: ID, battery status, tyre temperature and pressure. If a sensor requires replacement, the HT36 contains a Hamaton part number lookup library and provides steps to program the Hamaton EU-Pro sensors. An online upgrade allows other popular programmable sensors to be programmed by the H36.

The Hamaton H36 can be updated online at any time, to keep the tool completely up-to-date with the rapidly expanding volume of sensors fitted to new European and American vehicles. The H36 includes a robust Ateq operating platform, grip-friendly design, a durable rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, and the ability to configure Hamaton's EU-Pro sensors within seconds.

H36 features

  • Activates and reads TPMS sensors of all European and American vehicle brands
  • Configures EU-Pro sensors within seconds
  • Option to add other universal aftermarket sensors available
  • Displays all sensor data in seconds: ID, tyre pressure, tyre temperature, and battery status
  • Selects vehicles via make, model, year look-up
  • Provides Hamaton TPMS sensor part numbers
  • Easy to read display, with adjustable backlight
  • User friendly navigation and command buttons
  • Frequent database updates via PC desktop software
  • Interface in multiple languages
  • Charger and USB cable included