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Hamaton Inc. opens in the US - expanding the North American TPMS market


Following the successful launch of Hamaton Limited in Europe and the rapid growth it has sustained, the TPMS and valve manufacturer has announced the opening of their new headquarters in North America. Hamaton Incorporated will be located in Wixom, Michiga

With the launch of Hamaton Inc., the new North American headquarters of Hamaton Automotive Technology Co. Ltd, the business is taking the next step towards fulfilling the increasing demand for TPMS products in the US.

Hamaton Inc.’s role will be to further develop the strong customer portfolio that the business has developed since its establishment in 1993. Just like Hamaton Limited based in Europe, Hamaton Inc. will be a TPMS technical center, as well as a sales and distribution platform for the comprehensive range of Hamaton manufactured products.

By opening their new base in Michigan, the company foresee this bringing a number of benefits to its customers. Firstly, with a new central location in the US, operating its own warehouse and logistics, Hamaton anticipate that this will ensure lead times are much shorter for customers. Vehicle testing and evaluation will also be carried out on the premises, helping in the development of products adhering to US requirements and guaranteeing practical, up-to-date knowledge at all times. In addition to this, Hamaton Inc. will be able to offer field support and provide any training required in English, reducing language barriers by as much as possible. The company believes that having a headquarters based in North America will lend them not only increased local market understanding, but also greater insight into customer needs and the ability to meet their requirements on a more specialised, personal level.

Ian Smith, CEO of Hamaton Limited and now Hamaton Inc., explained: “Our primary goal is to offer our customers, both current and new, exceptional quality products with the best possible service. Opening a new headquarters in America is the next step in our journey, and plans to expand further in future are already in the works.”