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Hamaton NFC App Boasts New Manual ID Feature


In 2020, Hamaton launched the industry’s first NFC-enabled universal sensor. In addition to TPMS diagnostic tools, the EU-Pro Hybrid NFC can be configured and programmed with a smartphone and free app.*

Since then, Hamaton has developed a brand-new feature in the app that offers another programming option – Manual ID Entry. As its name suggests, you can now program an EU-Pro Hybrid NFC by manually entering an OE sensor ID number on the Hamaton NFC app.

This feature will be of great help if you want to keep the ID of an unresponsive OE sensor to avoid relearning the vehicle.

The app is available to download free of charge on Google Play. If you already have the app, please update it via Google Play to access this feature.

The below video demonstrates how to use the feature:

More about the app

The app is the fastest way to configure large volumes consecutively – just one second per sensor. Furthermore, the short-range transmission of NFC prevents other sensors in the vicinity from being disturbed. Therefore, this technology is ideal for companies looking to increase productivity without compromising on accuracy.

*Available for NFC-enabled Android phones only as of 27th October 2021.