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Paris Server Outage Affects ATEQ Servers


Important - A server outage in Paris has affected over 10,000 sites, including ATEQ.

A huge server outage in Paris today has caused problems for over 10,000 sites, which has also affected the ATEQ WebVT server.

As a result, anyone that updated their ATEQ diagnostic tool today will almost certainly find that their databases are now corrupted, although the firmware and software should be fine. ATEQ do not expect any lasting difficulties after the server problems have subsided, but it is critical that anyone that updated any ATEQ tools today (13th July, 2018) performs another update before using that tool again.

The issues are expected to be fixed by this evening, so any updates performed on Saturday or later should rectify any affected tools.

Update 16th July 2018: All issues are now resolved. Updating again via WebVT will fix any affected tools.