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Hamaton's Hybrid 1.5 TPMS sensor meets trend with black Clamp-In valve


The trend of coloured alloy wheels, in particular black, is increasing in popularity. So, we have introduced our EU-Pro Hybrid 1.5 sensor, which boasts 99% coverage of 2018 vehicles with a black Clamp-In valve.

The EU-Pro Hybrid 1.5 black Clamp-In valve has passed a series of rigorous tests, including chemical and salt corrosion (typical during Winter months) due to its anodized coating. The black Clamp-In also includes a protective ring, otherwise known as a washer, which enables users to tighten the valves' collar without scratching the alloy wheel's surface. What's more, the manufacturing process of our EU-Pro Hybrid 1.5 is certified according to TÜV Süd Quality Management System guidelines. Therefore, customers can rest assured that they will obtain premium products.

Click here to find out more about our EU-Pro Hybrid 1.5 - the fastest, configurable sensor on the market - and accompanying black Clamp-In valve