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Hamaton present brand-new Starter Kit Pro with 99% vehicle coverage


We are proud to present our brand-new Starter Kit Pro with 99% coverage of European direct TPMS-enabled vehicles, fulfilling the TPMS servicing requirements of every tyre bay and garage.

The Starter Kit Pro supersedes the previous solution of Starter Kit 1 and 2, providing an up-to-date selection of the latest replacement parts on the market in a handy, self-contained box. Inside we've packed an extensive 12 service kits (for OE and aftermarket sensors) and 52 TPMS valves , including the new Snap-In valve for Pacific N11 . Therefore, keeping you well stocked, which is particularly important this time of year, as many motorists have the opportunity to service TPMS valves when they change to winter tyres.

Industry best practice dictates servicing TPMS valves when the tyre bead is broken to ensure they remain in a suitable condition, as they are subject to chemicals and road salt during winter in addition to bearing metal fatigue over time. Servicing TPMS valves uphold the sensors' performance, extending its life and avoiding unnecessary replacement costs, which ultimately improves road safety and fuel consumption.

The Starter Kit Pro and its components, which can be reordered in boxes of 10 are now available via our website. Here, you’ll also find our Tool Kit , which contains specific tools to perform a quick yet effective service operation.