HAM-B009 - H36 and 16 Hybrid 1.5 Sensor Bundle

HAM-B009 - H36 and 16 Hybrid 1.5 Sensor Bundle

The H36 & 16 EU-Pro™ Hybrid 1.5 Sensor bundle is ideal for any workshop starting out in TPMS, or an established workshop with existing diagnostic equipment.

The H36 bundle includes:

  • Hamaton H36 Diagnostic Tool
  • 16 x EU-Pro™ Hybrid 1.5 Sensors*

The H36 activates and reads TPMS sensors of all European vehicle brands, provides OE and Hamaton TPMS sensor part numbers, and displays all sensor data including: ID, tyre pressure, tyre temperature and battery status. The H36 scans all OE sensors and configures EU-Pro™ sensors within seconds.

Covering over 95% of current European vehicles with direct TPMS, along with fast configuration in only 1 - 3 seconds, the EU-Pro™ Hybrid 1.5 sensor range is perfect for fast-fitment and offers varied compatibility.

*Sensor fitment type is interchangeable, please discuss with your sales representative.

Comparative Part Numbers: 72-20-673, 5628706

Available Downloads

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