This vehicle will only use the High-Line sensors suggested here if it has been upgraded at the point of purchase using the "Safety and Comfort Pack". This upgrade is only available to SE and Premium variants of the vehicle.

Without this upgrade the vehicle would instead use the standard (Low-Line) TPM system, and therefore the ix35 2013-2015 selection would need to be made instead.

A High-Line TPMS system will display the position of any wheels that are under-inflated, whereas the standard system will only display a low pressure warning. The "Safety and Comfort Pack" was discontinued due to low demand during 2014.

Vehicle TPMS Information

Model:ix35 (M.Y. 2014 High-Line)
Model Code:LM;ELH
Date of Manufacture:September 2013 - September 2014
OE Sensor Manufacturer:TRW
OE Sensor Number:


Sorry, there are no compatible sensors available for this vehicle.

Service parts for the TRW Version 2 Screw-In Valve Clamp-In style sensor:


Box Of 10 Replacement Clamp-In Valves for TRW Version 2

A box of 10 clamp-in valves, with each including: 1 Valve Stem, 1 Nut, 1 Rubber Grommet, 1 Valve Cap and 1 Valve Core. These val... (more)

Barcode: 6924478962360

Comparative Part Numbers: 72-20-459, 5628755, 21118, VS-965, 5628535, 591365,


Box Of 10 Service Kits for Schrader Gen 2/3

A box of 10 service kits, with each including: 1 Nut, 1 Rubber Grommet, 1 Plastic Washer, 1 Valve Cap and 1 Valve Core. These se... (more)

Barcode: 6924478969437

Comparative Part Numbers: 72-20-503, 5628398, 5003, 65656-KD,

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