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NFC Frequently Asked Questions

What is NFC?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication and, in short, it enables short-range communication between two compatible devices.

The huge rise in popularity of digital wallets (such as Google Play) has led to NFC becoming a mainstream technology and entwining itself into people's daily lives. Current uses include making contactless payments, boarding public transport, and earning loyalty points with an Android mobile device.

What is the main benefit of NFC?

The main benefit of NFC (in terms of the EU-Pro Hybrid NFC and app) is data can be transferred quickly and easily through a single tap.

How do I activate NFC on my Android device?

The following steps are a standard way to activate NFC on your Android device:

1. Access Settings.

2. Select Connections.

3. Tap on the NFC tab to turn it on.

The above instructions are for illustrative purposes only. The location of NFC settings may vary among Android devices. Please refer to the manufacturer’s user manual if your device setup is different.

Where is the NFC chip on my Android device?

In general, you will find the NFC chip on the top rear. However, to be sure, we recommend that you refer to the manufacturer’s user manual to determine the exact location on your device.

What does the app do?

The app allows users to configure and program the EU-Pro Hybrid NFC in just one tap.

What are the benefits of the app?

The free app is the fastest way to configure large volumes consecutively - just 1 second per sensor - while keeping a tally. Additionally, NFCs short-range stops interference between the device and other sensors on the shop floor. This technology is, therefore, perfect for companies looking to improve productivity without compromising accuracy.

To discover even more app benefits, check out this video.

Which TPMS sensors are compatible with the app?

The EU-Pro Hybrid NFC is the only TPMS sensor that is compatible with the app.

Which devices are compatible with the app currently?

All NFC-enabled Android devices. Android is a mobile operating system used by a wide range of smartphones and tablets from leading manufacturers, such as Google, Samsung, Sony and Huawei.

Where do I download the app?

You can download the app on Google Play.

Is the app free to download?

Yes, the app is free of charge.

Does the app need updating?

Unlike TPMS tools, you do not need to update the app every time there is a software release. The vehicle coverage automatically updates when you open the app. For this to occur, however, you must switch on your mobile data or connect to Wi-Fi because the app pulls data from a live stream. Whereas, minor app updates (e.g. new features and bug fixes) will be free to download on Google Play.

Do I still require a TPMS tool?

When it comes to configuring/programming EU-Pro Hybrid NFC sensors, the app is a faster, more convenient alternative to TPMS tools. Nevertheless, you may require a TPMS tool to perform tasks undertaken during the installation of new OE sensors, e.g., obtaining sensor data or an OBD reset.

Can I configure/program the sensor when it is boxed or in the wheel?

As NFC transmissions are short-range, two devices must be in close proximity. Therefore, we advise app users to configure/program NFC sensors before they are fitted to a wheel and out of their packaging. Additionally, users should hold the device's NFC tag against the rear of the sensor while configuring/programming. Please refer to 'where is the NFC tag on my Android device?' for information on how to locate this.

Furthermore, this video outlines the best practice.

What is the vehicle coverage of the EU-Pro Hybrid NFC?

The EU-Pro Hybrid NFC boasts the same great features as the EU-Pro Hybrid NFC 3.5, including 99% vehicle coverage. The EU-Pro Hybrid NFC is also programmable. Therefore, you can add new protocols when they become available, future-proofing stock.

Does the EU-Pro Hybrid NFC come with a warranty?

Yes, the EU-Pro Hybrid NFC Hybrid NFC has a three-year warranty. Please note, you must maintain the sensor’s performance to uphold its warranty by replacing/servicing the valve every time you remove the tyre.

Can I configure/program the EU-Pro Hybrid NFC with a TPMS tool?

Yes, the EU-Pro Hybrid NFC is compatible with leading TPMS tools, including those manufactured by ATEQ. With regards to ATEQ and Hamaton-branded TPMS tools, please select ‘Hybrid 3.5/Hybrid NFC’ to configure/program such sensors.