TPMS Workshop Tools

TPMS Workshop Tools

Hamaton's workshop tools are designed to assist garages and tyre bays in the installation and removal of TPMS valves and sensors. As each Service Kit and TMPS valve has individual torque settings, Hamaton recommends using the correct tool to avoid causing damage.


Tool Kit and Carry Case

This TPMS Tool Kit contains all of the workshop tools required for servicing or replacing TPMS sensors. This TPMS Tool Kit comes ... (more)

Barcode: 6924478941013

Comparative Part Numbers: 72-20-711, 5628538,


Valve Core Torque Tool

Preset to 0.45Nm, this Torque tool is for the correct installation of nickel TPMS valve cores.

Comparative Part Numbers: 72-20-702, 5610980,


T6 Torx Screwdriver

This T6 Torx Screwdriver is designed for servicing VDO TG1B Style Sensors.

Comparative Part Numbers: 72-20-710,


Pressure Chamber

Allows TPMS sensors to be quickly and effectively pressurized and tested before fitting to the wheel and tyre assembly.

Barcode: 5055563001587

Comparative Part Numbers: 72-20-706, ATEQ-PRESSURE-BOX,


Grommet Removal Tool

This Tool Is Used To Remove The Grommet From The TPMS Aluminium Valve Stem.Hole Allows For Simple New Grommet Installation.... (more)

Comparative Part Numbers: 5611071,


Torque Tool

Torque Tool Is Used For Screws on Snap-In TPMS valves.Torque set at 1.4Nm.


Grommet Pick

This Tool Is Used To Aid Removing Tough Grommets