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Free TPMS Programming App Now Available for iOS


We have launched our free TPMS programming app on Apple’s App Store by popular demand.*

In-house developers have created a version, especially for iOS, meaning iPhone users can also configure and program EU-Pro Hybrid NFC sensors with their smartphones.*

What is NFC?

NFC is a short-range wireless technology that allows compatible devices to communicate.

Its most common use on a smartphone is making quick and easy payments with Apple Pay or Google Pay.

NFC Benefits & App Features

Superfast Configuration

The app configures Hybrid NFC sensors in a tap, outperforming diagnostic tools.

No Potential for Error

Users can rest assured they have configured the correct sensor thanks to the short-range transmission of NFC.

Two Ways to Configure

Create a new ID and use any diagnostic tool to relearn a vehicle. Alternatively, manually enter an existing OE sensor ID and skip the relearn process altogether.

Free to Download & Update

Say goodbye to subscription fees and manual updates. The app updates itself, so users do not have to!** As a result, the latest vehicle coverage will always be at one’s fingertips.

Visit Us at An Upcoming Exhibition to See How Quick the App Configures the Sensor!

*Available for NFC-enabled Android phones and the iPhone 7 or newer with a minimum of iOS 15.

**Mobile data or a Wi-Fi connection is required. Apple users must select Remote from the settings menu.